MEDIA (Page 35)

MEDIA (Page 35)

Spiritual Gifts – Lesson 3

The equipping ministry gifts are given to the Church to equip her to be this community of worshipping, loving, witnessing children of God. This alone will make her fit to carry on the ministry of Jesus Christ in a hostile, hurting world.

Spiritual Gifts – Lesson 2

Gifts of the Holy Spirit means that these gifts are given to members of the body of Christ by the Holy Spirit, “just as he determines.” The fact that these gifts are given by the Holy Spirit is emphasized several times through 1 Corinthians.

Spiritual Gifts – Lesson 1

A Spiritual Gift is the ability that the Holy Spirit gives to Spirit-filled Christians so that they can witness even with signs and wonders and proclaim the words and insight supernaturally obtainable from God.