Fine Arts


Fine Arts is an avenue for students to discover, develop, and use their talents and gifts. There are categories for Visual Arts, Communication, Dance, Drama, Instrumental, Writing, and Vocal. Within most categories, there are options for individual and group participation. You perform in front of a panel of judges, you are scored and you receive helpful feedback. You are scored on a 40 point scale if you receive a score of 36+ you qualify for Nationals. The primary focus is on YOUR personal best, not competing with other people or groups. The feedback received from the judges is to HELP you grow, not discourage you. All that to say, it’s a great opportunity for students to develop their gifts, try new things, receive coaching from talented people within FWC, make new friends, and experience new places.

Categories: Art, Communication, Dance, Drama, Exhibition, Instrumental, Vocal, and Writing. For detailed information and rules, please click HERE.


WHEN? March 9-10, 2018

WHERE? Trevecca University in Nashville

 COST? – $80, includes lodging, transportation, and 1 event registration. $10 additional for each category selected.

– REGISTRATION – Form must be turned in my January 17th.

DEPARTURE – Friday, March 9th – 5:35 pm

RETURN – Saturday, March 10th – 3-4 pm

Rehearsal Schedule:

  • Drama Ensemble: weekly on Sundays, from 11am-12pm. (We will announce room soon!)

January ??, February ??, March ?? (final walkthrough)

  • Lunch: 12:30pm-12:45pm
  • Devo: 12:45-1pm
  • Group #1: 1pm-1:50pm
  • Group #2: 2:00pm-2:50pm
  • Group #2: 3:00pm-3:50pm

Drama Ensemble / Coaches: Randy Rodden & Alex Mullane

Youth Choir / Coach: Vera Warrick

Vocal Ensemble / Coaches: Jenna Transki & Elizabeth Starnes

Musical Theatre / Coaches: Vera Warrick & Randy Rodden

Individual Categories / TBD

Please be sure to pick up your student when they are done with rehearsal at the appropriate time! If they are only participating in Youth Choir for the afternoon rehearsals, please be sure to pick them up between 1:50-2:00 pm.

Needing a permission slip for an upcoming, off-campus event? We got you covered! Click HERE to view and check the ‘START HERE’ form to see which forms we have on file. Then download as needed, the Permission to Participate Form, Liability Waiver, and Emergency Contact Form and turn them in.

Any questions? Email us at: