Mountain Movers Dinner and Retirement Planning Workshop

Click HERE to register for our Mountain Movers Dinner & Retirement Planning Workshop with Greg Lynch on Friday evening June 15th – Dinner begins at 5:30

Topics included in workshop:

-Best age to file -Best strategy to use
-Widow benefits and how best to use them
-Income Planning
-Defined Benefit plans -Social Security plan
-How to use your Contribution plans, IRA, 401k, etc., for incomeMedicare Planning
-Should I use a Medicare Supplement or a Medicare Advantage plan -Changes coming to Medicare Supplements
-Medicare Part D Planning and the best plans
-RMD Planning
-These are Required Minimum Distributions that apply to qualified accounts at age 70.5 years old.
– Which accounts qualify -Rules of aggregation
-Roth IRA Conversion
-Does it make sense to convert qualified money to a Roth
-How do I do that if I don’t have a Roth IRA